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The Atupa’s brightness reflects all over the room.
Yet Mama Abiku seems to be in total darkness.
Crying no more but sobering, all causes of the doom,
Caused by Abiku – the wicked child of the sorrow fortress.

Coming and going these several seasons,
Leaving parents in eternal torment without reasons.
Mother is getting tired, her milk getting sour.
And about to give up because of your wicked ways.

But here comes Abiku again with those knife scars
All over your body, a symbol of your first coming,
When many tongues that gladdened your presence with love,
Later gathered with tears caused by several mourning.

Stay if you wish and we will be happy,
Or follow where your evil spirit leads,
And leave this tired mother to be blessed with seeds.
Seeds that will gladden the heart of a tired mother.

Written by @Sir_SkillaOSHIN



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Oh ye man of God, thanks for your patience.
I’ve come to you because I’ve lost my way.
And I’ve been hearing news about the judgement day.
Please, enlighten me; Tell me its nothing to be scared of.

Yesterday when you preached at the top of your voice,
I know I had sent you away with my deafening noise.
To listen not, that had been my choice.
Yet my heart knows the sins I commit, even the ocean cannot wash.

But what is this I hear about a burning fire?
What is this I hear about eternal torment?
Tell me its all a joke, I need to hear your thought.
Is it true what I heard, please answer me this moment.

You mean to tell me the burning fire is real?
You mean its inhabitants cannot be saved from the inferno?
You mean with our own little fire, its not the same?
You mean its the house of the doomed where they rot in shame?

Oh ye man of God, I burned myself with fire today;
Trying to know how the fire you preach would feel.
And if this pain is a tip of what you mean to say,
Now is the right time I need to change my ways.

Oh ye man of God, please have some faith.
I must change my ways before it gets too late.
So please save my soul, teach me the righteous ways.
So when the time comes, I won’t cry in pain.

Thank you man of God, you’ve been so good to me.
When I was swimming in sin, you didn’t give up on me.
Have I found my way? I don’t even know.
But I’m trying my best, that I want you to know.


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This poem is more of a parody of William Shakespeare’s and Wendy Cope’s Sonnets. Some words were borrowed in both of their sonnets, but not used as it is in their works. Please read, comment and share.


Let me not to the marriage of a female dog.
Admit impediments. For love is truly beautiful,
When two hearts beats the same.
But I’ve lost you to the man who has no name.
I bid you move on, all your excuses are lame.
With gifts he’s won your heart, with a knife you punctured mine.
I have no duplicate heart, therefore I will tend to my wound.
And if men faults me because I once fell in love,
I will pay no attention but dedicate myself to higher things I’ve found,
Like poetry, on whose wings I can soar to high places above.
Surely, one day I will make my mark.
Then, the flash of camera will tail me even in the dark.
And you will regret the day you scampered to his side,
For I will be so made and you will wish to be my bride.

Written By @Sir_SkillaOSHIN


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Such a time we had
Now our relationship is bad
My mind is screwed like I am mad
Now without my pen I am sad.

A moment of silence to awaken my pen
A moment of silence to recreate our bond
Today, my pen shall rise around ten
Today, I shall swim in poetry’s pond.

Oh ye pen, abandon me not again
For without you, I will always be in pain
With my attempts to reach the world all in vain
Alone and sad I will be, with nothing to gain.

I had no safe to keep my treasure
When Sodom burnt and Gomorrah fell
The only thing I have left is a pen to tell
The tale of my long and lonely adventure.

Now that I have you back, my cherished pen
Let us continue the Great Trek of morality
Go and tell lost souls what they need to be in peace
Go to them, the word of the wise you need to preach.

So when done, as I commanded thee done blabbing
Go thee to those you see are lagging
But come ye back to me without delay
For I am also alone in this lonely passage.

Written By @Sir_SkillaOSHIN


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The founding fathers had their dream. And so does the people. They were full of hope and burning desire to have an independent nation of virile economy and sound justice…But unfortunately, they are now completely disappointed as their hope is been shattered.

The nation continues to be crippled with a myriad of social vices. The journey in pursuit of nationhood is now disturbed by the dawn of these rotten times…How so sober will those loyal citizens with grim determination of forward ever, backward never on THE GREAT TREK in search of freedom and self determination feel seeing our present condition? Then the pace for nationhood was fast and truthful, but now it is frustrated, now directionless and a rigmarole.

I pity my beloved country that a journey so promising and fulfilled is now directionless with impunity, callousness, selfish interest, greed, corruption and other social vices that over shadow truth. Everyone seems to have lost focus and the struggle for progress died dramatically…The ones that are meant to lead and correct our negative way of thinking are now fat with protude belly. Fed and filled with the food they consumed from the funds allocated to the development of our beloved nation.

To move forward, the journey must begin again as we are still far from the promise land (Of Greatness and Development of Unity and Strength).

Oh ye compatriots, work for better understanding, settle for peaceful co-existence, sue for absolute forgiveness, so that my country may move forward…Seek and follow righteousness, crave fairness and justice. Lead and accept leadership. Rule and recognise others right to rule, so that my country may move forward.

The journey of a thousand mile starts with lifting a foot…We don’t need a population to start making changes. The change starts with me and you…I believe in change and I believe in a brighter future of my beloved country…Make a change today and feel proud of what you do, so that my country may move forward.

Thanks for taking time to read this article and please help it spread by sharing with family and friends.


Sheriph Olaitan Oshin (@IWatchAndShadow)


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Decisions are made to slave me in my father’s land
To the dogs of my nation, I do all the work of my hand
Proud to be black, for my nation I stand
I believe its time to send the dogs off.

But the dogs and their deeds bring shame on our name
For money they sell our pride, making us look the same
When we prove our difference that all looks like bluff
All they ask is that we send the dogs off.

Once our nation was peaceful and rich
Before the advent of all this greedy fools
Now all their evil deeds they teach
Dont you think we need to send the dogs off?

I struggled for years before I could go to school
I tried and finish to be used as a fool
While they sit proud and tall on our national stool
Why cant we just send the dogs off?

For countless years of hardwork
All I get is you saying I have not done enough
You turn my life down and my work you mock
Can somebody please, help send these dogs off?

You had better send the dogs off to prevent our anger
For on and on our nation’s name they slander
I urge the youths to rise against this danger
Of our nation been turned to the garbage hanger.

If a dog comes to my house and defeacate on the floor,
What wrong will it be if I break its head with a stick?
Or because of the dogs, shall I close my door?
Or rise towards the dog and teach it with a kick.



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My hands are stained with ink
For a friend that makes me think
The call of nature I deny
On the owner of this poem I rely.

Some weeks ago you were harsh
As a stranger you treated me like trash
I wanted to turn back
But the heart to lose a friend I lack.

I have made a lot of friends
Some are good while some are bad
Your number number I add to those have had
And waiting to see if you are good or bad.

I have lost many friends also
Some are good while some are bad
The good ones I lost, the scene still gets me mad
Everytime their names are called, it makes me sad.

I just met a friend, she’s kind and tender
Her kind of friendship, no one will ever render
Her lovely attitude also makes me wonder
And other things she did, some of which I dont remember.

Adebimpe is a true friend indeed
Cuz she didnt forsake me whem I’m in need
To not lose her, that advice I must heed
And  I shall always continue to cherish her, like I always did.

Dear Adebimpe, a friend to rely on
I say a big  THANK YOU for all you have done
With you, memories of bad friends are gone
Tell me what is needed to be your number one.

Dedicated to A Dear And Lovely Queen
Adebimpe Lastborn Badmos